Osmačtyřicítka Ostrava

The power of the best in us

During the October field trip, these children showed us that they have big hearts not only for their own families and friends but the whole world. During our field trip, we read a story of a scout who wasn’t participating in activities and wasn’t much active during meetings. As a consequence, children started to reject him during games and group sessions. Later however they all learned that his brother was in a hospital and was fighting for his life. When they learnt why his friend was feeling so down, they decided to write a ‚get well‘ card and send it to the hospital. When we finished reading this story, there was silence in the camp. Children were reflecting on their feelings and the story itself. At this point, we pulled out 30 post cards and had 30 addresses for hospitals throughout the Czech Republic ready. At this point we suggested that we write encouraging letters to children in hospitals. Children immediately started writing letters with an enthusiasm and we were shocked by the empathy and compassion these children were capable of.

The whole story about this project is available here (czech language only)

The power of inspiration

Scouting is more about leadership than teaching. And part of the is inspiring. When we were discussing what to do during Christmas, one of our scouts nicknamed Torpedo thought of an idea to gift children in hospitals our plush toys that we no longer use and need. As these children are many times alone. Seeing that our own scouts are inspired by our ‚post card‘ project and now are taking it to the next level was very satisfying. The power of goodness was multiplying.
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