Osmačtyřicítka Ostrava

The power of the best in us

Czech version / Česká verze (Síla toho nejlepšího v nás)

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The power of Scouting

„When something around me doesn’t work, I also look within myself for the reasons.“ says a scout leader Zoubek. That statement is what represents our leadership. This story may portrait an illusion of how we are ideally leading children and how we, the leaders, always find solutions to our problems and challenges. That’s not even close to the reality. We are humans after-all and we make mistakes. A lot of mistakes, actually. Our scouts can not only be compassionate but also insensitive, or not only inspired but also demotivated, and instead of good deeds do ill will acts. And even us, the leaders, sometimes behave unfairly and inappropriately. Many times we don’t know how to convey to children what we believe is the best and then we become frustrated. And many times we argue between ourselves about what’s best. We are not perfect. Children are not perfect. However, despite all these struggles we are motivated to inspire and lead children. And that cannot be denied. And when our efforts are not fruitful or we didn’t do something the right way, we show to everyone that we also make mistakes. And sometimes all what is need is saying ‚We are sorry‘.

But then, when you received an email from a parent explaining what effect scouting has on her child, you feel proud that at the end you are doing the right thing.

I am a mom of one of your boy scouts. My son comes home absolutely excited from your meetings. I have not seen him this happy in a long time. Yesterday’s field trip was his first and he was very excited. I want to thank you for everything that you do for children these days. That you show them that the world is not only about a computer and a cell phone, but there is so much more to life.


My son has been feeling quite down and was acting introverted for a long time. He didn’t like going to school either. However today, he is looking forward to every scout meeting and he also made new friends. He even started to communicate more with me.

The power of the best inside of us

There are thousands of possibilities how to lead scouts and every troop finds its own way. We decided to introduce activities that transcend everyday’s life. We strongly believed in the power of goodness which we believe is inside of each of us. And the result of this motivation is the video that you have just seen.

A story about a small troop in Ostrava, the Czech republic, a story about a team of people that prefer to give rather than receive. A story about how to harness the power of the best inside of us. Power that is strong. Power of the goodness of the humankind. Power of the best in us.


Lukáš Haraga (Luky) – luky.haraga@skaut.cz (author of the idea and chief executor)
Karel Juchelka – kareljuchelka@gmail.com (video recording and editing)

All the boys and girls from the 48th scout troop in Ostrava, the Czech republic.