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The power of the best in us

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I really wish that you experience that feeling. The feeling of being proud of accomplishments we achieved with our scouts. When you see children do great things with enthusiasm, children that had no idea of impactful activities they will face from life and in scouting, then seeing these children give us the leaders, a feeling of great joy and pride. Yes, we also experience feelings of disappointment, frustration, and hopelessness but this article is not about that. Here we are going to focus on the positive things. And to see how under your leadership, children may also spread joy throughout the entire Czech Republic and perhaps the whole world… That feeling, I wish for you to experience. So, let’s start at the beginning.


The power of a positive thought

During our September troop meeting we decided that this year we will focus on activities that transcend our ordinary life. We decided to show children that to help others and spread joy makes sense and that at the end it also makes ourselves happy. We didn’t have a clue whether children will accept this mission however we decided to give it a try with a determination to succeed. We believed that these activities will interest children, however we had no idea to what extent and how to do it.
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